Do Online Poker Sites Cheat?

I’ve lately realized that the people who run the poker sites know more about poker then the rest of us. They know about the nuances of the game and exactly how to influence a novice player’s game. They also know about the insider scams of piggy banks, and whether a played hand is a really good hand or really bad. They want to know about that which no one else is willing to risk.

They are a business, and since businesses are essentially business, their goal is to make money.

Poker Sites Cheat

  1. They have mathematical experts working for them to analyze the odds to make sure their every move is profitable. They want to know that which will send their players to the top of the pile and fuel their success.
  2. Most people will never go to the trouble of doing these complex calculations, so they will just do what is easy, which is to shut out parts of poker that don’t make money. They will thus create games that are almost universally easy to win, and even the really good players are playing almost entirely based on luck.
  3. This might be fine if you are winning, and big money, but if you keep doing this mistake, you will soon lose all your money. Holdem is a game of complex probabilities. You can’t just rely on luck, because luck doesn’t always go your way.

To help you avoid this situation, use a poker calculator when playing online poker.

Poker Sites Cheat

  • There are numerous poker calculators available that are allowed in poker sites. These tools will calculate your odds and give you information you might not otherwise get by just playing your odds and folding at the right time.
  • Poker is a game of human nature. We are greedy, we want to fulfill all our desires, and we want to succeed in the easiest way possible. We are creative, and we will try and find the easiest way to do it. If you decide to succeed, you will have to work hard, but the time you spend doing this will make a difference, and later on, you will definitely succeed.
  • Experience is the way to tell you the truth. We can’t develop our game in the dark, but we can observe what is happening and we can calculate the result of our actions. When you know the outcome of your actions, you will be able to repeat them again and again, until you find an approximate idea of the result.

In a similar fashion, experience can help you identify what odds you need to currently win a hand.

  • When you are poker dealer at a casino, you can see a card shuffler and you will notice that the cards on the top are face down, and the cards on the bottom are face up.
  • These cards in the dark side show you that the casinos (or the ones hosting online poker) has a non-random shuffling of the cards. Although they claim random card shuffling, the fact is that these devices are not as random as they appear. They actually work in a pattern and that is to make you to lose.
  • Casinos know that with face cards, like jack, queen and king, the chances of a player to get a high card are about 14%. The cards with the low cards are much more difficult to get a high card. But then again, if you want to become a good poker player, you have to fight against the casino in order to make some profit.
  • On the internet, you can find many poker calculators that can really add to your poker skills. These programs available will teach you to what percentage of time your hand will be folded and whether in pre-flop or post-flop game you will win the most money.

When you are trying to make a little money, don’t forget to incorporate a little psychology into your poker strategy. It is common for new poker players to overvalue pocket pairs. High value pairs like Ace King, Ace Queen and King Jack are much better hands than the pairs starting with 7 and 8. You can also find players using a variation of the blackjack strategy card. The strategy card is a cheat sheet, designed to help you win against the house.

Don’t ever expect that you will win every single hand.